November 2018 & the Shit I Get Wrong on a Semi-Regular Basis

Good morning.

It’s been a month.

And I say that in the way that many people say “Ugh, it’s been a day” or “one of those days” or “I’m glad this day is over.”

Because, friends, it has been a month.

I won’t go into detail about absolutely everything that has ailed me the past few weeks, I will offer up a pearl of wisdom that was shared with me several days ago.

You will get shit wrong.

I resisted this idea for a long time. Years, in fact. Someone (a boss, a mentor, a peer) would offer feedback, and I would immediately defend myself. “I did it this way because…” or “No one showed me that…”

You know what I mean.

I did that a lot.

I really would like to think I do it far less often now, but I do admit I still catch myself on it sometimes.

Because, fellow humans, I get shit wrong.

So do you.

I get my dates confused (literally happened yesterday), I get the time/temperature on a baking creation not quite right (also yesterday), I misunderstand a homework assignment of my daughter’s (she’s in kindergarten, by the way, so I don’t have much of an excuse other than I wasn’t paying enough attention), and I am the first to admit I get money wrong, as careful as I try to be these days.

So October was hard. I got a lot of shit wrong.

I have, therefore, altered my personal goals for the month of November.

Goal number one: screw up.

Because if it’s a goal, it doesn’t feel like I failed. This month, I plan to screw up.

Goal number two: do something with it.

Because I still need to learn something from it, no matter how it feels.

Goal number three: stop apologizing so much.

Obviously, I know how to fall on my sword when I’m wrong, but I also acknowledge that I overdo it sometimes. One “I’m so sorry” is enough. There are more words worth the effort to say besides overwrought apologies.

So that’s where I am, lovely people. Comment below with your goals for the month (or the shit you get wrong).

Hugs ❤

Featured photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash


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