My New Bullet Journal & the Trouble with Niches

I’ve lately been more than a little obsessed with bullet journaling.

Not that I really have a ton of room in my life to devote to yet another side gig / hobby, but it’s me, so you can’t really claim any amount of surprise.

As I’ve mentioned before, I get too excited about too many things. Avid reader and writer, yes. Lover of all things related to baking and baked goodies, obviously. Knitter, painter, pasta maker – check, check, check.

It’s no wonder I’ve yet to nail down just one “niche”.

Just look how pretty it is…

I’ve had way too much fun tracking how many miles I’ve run so far this month, how many loaves of bread I’ve baked, how many books I’ve read, the number of words I’ve written, you name it.

There’s no way this poor little journal is going to make it all the way to a year’s worth of use.

It will, in fact, be lucky if it can hold up until this end of this year. You know, the one that ends in three and a half months…

The whole “jack of all trades, master of none” bit has traipsed through my mind more than once in the past week, and I am happy to remind myself that the whole quote is actually “jack of all trades, master of none, but oftentimes better than master of one”. That said, it’s rough feeling pulled in too many directions.

I’m putting it out to the hive mind. Friends, how do you determine your niche? If you have already, what led you to decide upon it? If you haven’t yet gotten there, what are a few of the things you feel stuck between?

Comment below – I crave feedback!

Featured Photo by Nathan Lemon on Unsplash


2 thoughts on “My New Bullet Journal & the Trouble with Niches

  1. Sam says:

    I totally relate to this feeling! I feel like I can start about ten thousand things and never quite settle on one, but I loooove the vast amount of information you’ve gathered in your bullet journal so far. And beautifully done! Even if you can’t keep up with that level of recording, I’d maybe do it for one week a season. Just as a sort of check-up on yourself. You’re a goddamn super hero, and it’s cool to see a brief window into your world is like sometimes.


  2. Mom says:

    I think I’ve told you my story about when I was adrift in college, and learned then that I have a need to be creative.
    I think that must be genetic, kiddo. Your bullet list is VERY pretty, as are your cakes and cards. Color makes us happy. Sophie, too.
    I don’t know if that constitutes a “niche” nor if you have to identify any singular thing on which to center yourself.
    The best nutrition is a varied (and colorful) diet.


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