There’s a thrill over produce…

…that I get when Hungry Harvest sends me a confirmation email telling me what to expect in my delivery box this Saturday.

Naturally, I have already customized my box. I did it almost immediately after the last email I got that told me customization for this week’s box was open.

Add a dozen eggs (I’m a baker and I’m a runner – I always need eggs), take out a few apples (only because I have TONS already at home), and oooooooo! There are leeks this week!

And grapes.

And zucchini (I’m totally making bread).

And a type of tomato I’ve never heard of!

Check, check, check. They all go in the box.

I clicked “Save” and went about my day.

This morning, though, my confirmation email reminds me what will be in my delivery, and (my favorite part) it tells me WHY each items was recovered.

These ones look a little uglier than others, but they are still good and tasty.

The buyer who wanted these ordered too many, so we have the extras.

These ones are just a touch small, so just add two to your recipe.

I’ve calculated before how much money I’ve saved getting rescued produce and it usually falls in the neighborhood of $50 per month. And for my little family of two, $50 is kind of a big deal.

Plus it’s fun to let the preschooler color in the box afterwards.

Want five bucks off your first box? Use code: HERO5 on your order!

I am a Hungry Harvest ambassador, which means I am part of a community that really loves talking about Hungry Harvest. 


Featured photo by Elaine Casap on Unsplash


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