I have some VERY exciting news…

Scribd is now unlimited.

Words cannot convey my joy.

I’ve had my Scribd subscription for about two and a half years – one of those things that starts as a free trial and you kind of figure, “I’ll just cancel it on day fourteen.”

No. I kept that thing and have never considered unsubscribing.

Scribd is a mobile app (and website!) that grants the user access to thousands of books.


Up until yesterday, the monthly subscription allowed each user three ebook credits and four audiobook credits per month. Users could also catalog and save every book or audiobook previously selected, like a virtual private library. If I picked a book, I didn’t have to finish it within that month (I did anyway) because it was saved to my shelf. I can still go back to pretty much every book I’ve saved within the app since I started my subscription.

Of course, some books get pulled from Scribd for reasons yet unknown to me. I’m supposing that some publishers have a contract with the app that expires at some point. Either way, it has only affected maybe half a dozen books in over two years.

Credits could also roll into the following month. If I only used two book credits in July, I would have four book credits in August.

If you ran out of book credits (and I always did), there was Scribd Selects, which were free and you did not need any credits to save to your shelf. It used to be much more broad, but then the selection shrunk significantly (probably over publishing rights).

No more.

I can now save as many books as I want with no limits, even ones that are not on the Scribd Selects. I can read more than three new books each month. I can read all I want. 

This is happy news.

This is such very happy news.

P.S. Book nerd friends, this happiness is $9 per month. If you (like me) are super busy and keep spare books on your phone and/or if your Goodreads yearly challenge count is anywhere around fifty or above, it is totally worth it.


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