Hi there, happy people. It’s been a while.

I fell out of touch with my beloved blog over the past few months simply because life has been crazy.

Quick update:

Yes, I’m still running. (I had an 8:36 minute mile yesterday!!)

Yes, Hungry Harvest still rocks my fridge twice a month.

Yes, I successfully fulfilled my National Novel Writing Month word count. I’m so excited to make that thing a real book.

No, I’m not done editing it.

I went to New Orleans with my office job last month, and I really don’t understand how I was able to get on the plane to come home, because that city is magic – the culture is vibrant, the people are lovely, and the food is unreal.

More to come soon, I promise. There are plenty of short stories kicking around my noggin. 😉


4 thoughts on “Wow…

      • Pepper O'Brien says:

        OMG don’t make me blush. My average pace still hovers around 9:40 – I was listening to a crazy upbeat Major Lazer remix for the 8:36. 😛
        What I’ve been trying to get better about is keeping a steady pace for longer rather than sprinting and slowing down, which is how I started and, truthfully, my preferred, instinctive method of running. Running at a steadier (even if it’s slightly slower) pace has helped recently because with each week, my stamina gets better. I’m no expert, but it’s working!

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